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To submit a travel or StudentPlan claim, please complete a Travel Emergency Medical Claim Form. To submit an Immigrants & Visitors to Canada claim please complete an Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical Claim Form. Please note travel, Immigrants & Visitors to Canada, and StudentPlan claims cannot be submitted online. For more information on submitting claims click here.

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I/We declare the statements made herein are true and complete. For the purposes of administering any Group Medical Services ("GMS") benefits, products or services (collectively "benefits") and/or determining eligibility for benefits, I authorize GMS to: (a) collect, store and use any personal information which I have provided to GMS or personal information obtained pursuant to clause (b); and/or (b) obtain personal information about me (or any other person listed herein) from, or disclose such personal information to: my Government Health Insurance Plan; the operator of any hospital, clinic or other health facility; a doctor or other health care provider; any insurance company; or any other service provider or third party as may be reasonably required for the purposes described above.

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Please attach your scanned receipts.

Please remember the following when submitting claims:
  • All claims must be submitted within 12 months from the date of service.
  • Please retain original itemized receipts for 12 months from submission date, as you may be requested to present them for audit purposes.
  • Attach all receipts to this claim form.
  • Include any required physician referrals or orders.
  • Please accumulate at least $20 in total expenses before submitting a claim.